Environmentally Conscious Consumers for Oil Shale

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ECCOS is a non-profit grassroots organization with members and followers all across the United States, but primarily in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. We are interested in the immense potential of oil shale.

ECCOS believes that Industry does NOT have to be the enemy of the environment. In fact responsible, proactive energy development now is the key to protecting our environment for generations to come.

ECCOS’s primary goal is educating the public and government officials about both the vast potential and challenges of oil shale, including:

  • Resource characterization
  • Past development efforts
  • Current technologies to extract the resource
  • Environmental concerns, including water quality, water usage, air quality, wildlife protection, and carbon emissions
  • Socio-economic issues like local economic development, infrastructure, and tax revenues
  • Macro-economic issues related to U.S. energy imports, the balance-of-trade, and insulation from supply disruptions
  • Energy independence

Join as a Resource Member by donating today!

YES!! I agree that energy independence must be a priority and oil shale development can aid in that effort while providing high-paying jobs and needed tax revenues. I want to help ECCOS continue their efforts to ensure energy independence here in the United States by becoming an ECCOS “Resource Member” and making a donation.

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